About us


Lama No.1 system integrator in Dalmatia

Lama d.o.o has been in the TOP100 Croatian IT companies (in revenue) for years, but we are also the number one system integrator in Dalmatia, which is also Lama’s primary market.

Until recently, these surveys have been conducted by the magazine INFOTREND and they were based on formal tax reports. As of last year those surveys have been conducted by company IDC Adriatics. Being constantly present in the TOP100 Croatian IT companies and being the leading system integrator in Dalmatia is primarily a confirmation of our quality and expertise, especially if we take into consideration the fact that there is over 1.600 registered IT companies in Croatia at the moment.

About us

Lama d.o.o. was established in 1992 in Split. Since the beginning the company has done business in IT and IT engineering fields, and the first jobs we did were connected to system integration. Our orientation has always been professional support to the user, delivery of good quality equipment and system software.

Lama d.o.o. is a system integrator which apart from delivery of computer and network equipment provides the services of installation of local and wide area networks (WAN), VoIP telephony services, installation and maintenance of system software, installation of application solutions (our own or of another company) and consulting in solutions best for individual companies.

Since our establishment we have continuously cooperated with scientific institutions on research, development and market application of different IT solutions. One of the results of such cooperation is the system for early detection of forest fires; iForestFire, a unique system in Croatia and only one of few in the world. iForestFire is a trademark of Lama d.o.o.

Lama has offices at Stinice 12, Split, with the surface of 350 m2 and a team of approximately 30 highly motivated professionals, which makes us one of the best IT companies in Dalmatia


Our mission is directed toward the development of complete information/communication technology on the principles of business excellence and high quality, with full orientation to our clients’ satisfaction, so that:

    • The user can manage his business processes simply and more efficiently without losing analytic information necessary for making good business decisions at all company levels.
    • The user can creatively spend his working time on activities which bring value and market advantage to his company, and promotion possibilities, professional affirmation and content to him personally.
    • The user can perform his tasks from any location at any time, in accordance with his personal needs, rhythm and lifestyle.