Marina Frapa

Client’s needs

Technical solution for wireless access to Internet for the complete marina area and adjacent objects, as well as the necessary active and passive network equipment and services, required for enabling wireless access to Internet for the guests and employees of the marina.

Project objective 

  • Provide all spaces where guests spend time in with better quality wireless signal
  • Make the devices fit into the current layout of the marina
  • Possibility of remote surveillance of the complete system
  • Even limitation of download and upload speed per user
  • Possibility of charging the usage of the system


The solution we delivered enables the usage of several logic wireless and wired networks, i.e. simultaneous usage of active wireless network for several types of users. Apart from the standard wireless equipment, we also delivered a control system for all access points, which facilitates the status and transparency of the whole wireless network, as well as its management, considering the number of locations.

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Marina Frapa

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