Lama Firewall



Reasons can vary: access to basic and banking data, and to locked files, starting “denial of service” attacks to popular websites, illegal distribution of programs etc. A particularly risky group are DSL users who are constantly on the net, which makes them more exposed to attacks. Firewall analyses all the traffic going through the network, whether the traffic is incoming or outgoing. With safety regulations, certain traffic on the net is allowed or blocked.


    • Configuration and administration via web browser
    • Advanced Internet control and surveillance
    • VPN
    • Antivirus and antispam protection (free automatic updates included)
    • Low consumption (up to 100W)

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Lama Firewall


  • IDS (intrusion detection system)

    String system for detection of different kinds of attacks to internal computers.
    Free updates via Internet. Logging in.

  • Internet site filtering

    with adjustment of automatic blacklists update. Possibilities: blocking certain domains and/or phrases, control of Internet usage per time and time limits.

  • Antivirus protection of Internet traffic

    (HTTP, FTP, POP, IMAP) and spam filtering – ClamAV – free updates automatic ally from the Internet. Note: newer module versions (not the upgrading of antivirus definitions but the new functionalities) are not done automatically, Lama employees do them.

  • Update accelerator

    for faster update (Microsoft, Symantec, Acrobat) of software. It caches the software updates of aforementioned companies and delivers them to other users in LAN speed, without the repeated download from the Internet (slower/additional cost)

  • Clients VPN:

    SSL, IPSec, PKI – high protection level – connection of remote users via “Virtual Private Network” through the Internet, which enables working from distance, as if the user is on the local network (slower speed due to the Internet speed). Note: costs of coming to remote users’ computers are not included. The price also includes training of one employee (of your choice) for further installation of the necessary free software to other remote computers. Registration of additional users is charged per time consumed, the device is not limited with the number of licences.

  • Inter-office VPNs

    connecting offices through VPN tunnel.
    Installation of one device is need for every office. There is s possibility of connecting to other manufacturer’s equipment (Cisco or alike).

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