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AAA certificate of credit excellence

AAA certificate of credit excellence

We are proud winners of the platinum AAA certificate of credit excellence.

A company that deserves platinum credit excellence represents the most reliable, credible and low-risk business entity for cooperation with all business partners: suppliers, customers, insurers and other business partners.

Platinum credit rating excellence is a rating by which credit rating agencies evaluate the company's creditworthiness over a longer period of time based on various criteria - an integral part of the rating includes, among others, the rating of solvency, creditworthiness, indebtedness, profit and other risk criteria of doing business with the company.

AAA rating for 2022. In Croatia, of all active business entities, only 0.96% reach the standard of platinum creditworthiness excellence, and LAMA d.o.o. confirmed that it belongs to the small number of those who deserve this platinum certificate of excellent creditworthiness of the company.